Does Makeup Cause acne???

Short answer is YES! Acne cosmetica which is caused caused overuse of makeup products that clog the skin and cause breakouts on the chin, scalp, hairline, etc.

Don’t be so alarmed though there are ways to prevent breakouts and minimize them and I am going to be giving you tips and tricks so you can wear your makeup without fear.

Throw away all expired makeup!

Makeup has an expiration date! Check the back bottom and you will see it reads 12mo, 6mo, 18mo. That means from the day that you use it you have that amount of time to use, after that time is gone just go ahead and throw it away!

Think of it like milk, you wouldn’t drink expired milk so why put expired makeup on your skin.

It is also a good idea to set reminder on your phone of when to throw out your makeup.

Do not sleep in your makeup!

DON’T DO IT!!!!!! That is probably one of the #1 reasons for acne cosmetica, please remove your makeup before you sleep trust me it will makeup a huge difference that way you don’t have to worry about clogging your pores, staining your pillow case, and waking up looking like Cruella De Vil.

While you sleep your skin is healing/renewing itself and it cannot do that with all that makeup clogged in there! So to prevent your collagen from breaking down just remove it before bed your skin will love you for it and you will see a huge difference!

Clean your makeup brushes!

I cannot believe how many people do not clean their brushes after they use them, I have a friend who was not aware she had to clean her brushes and would just wipe them off in a paper towel and reuse them! UMMMM NO, WE ARE NOT DOING THAT! Clean those brushes with dawn soap, olive oil, and let them air dry!

Every time you do not clean your brushes there is just more bacteria building up and then you use that brush to dip it in your makeup products so all your are doing is contaminating your makeup with the dirty brushes and then taking all that bacteria and transferring it to your face!

Make it a habit that after you use you clean them, also you can buy from amazon a makeup disinfecting spray and spray your makeup down after every use!

Stop Sharing Makeup!

Best friend, sister, partner, mother, etc! Don’t do it, use your own! You do not know what bacteria/skin infection that other person has! Use your own brushes and your own makeup palettes.

If you do need to use each other’s makeup palette then use the makeup disinfecting spray from amazon!

Start your makeup off with a clean face!

When you put on makeup you should have a fresh face! No makeup from last night! You skincare should be complete before putting on makeup I am talking Wash, toner, serums, moisturize, spf, and then makeup.

BIG TIP! Makeup wipes are NOT meant for cleaning your skin and should not be used for that! Swap out makeup wipes for Micellar water or a makeup remover balm. I use Micellar water from Tarte Cosmetics and it is amazing!

Take a break from makeup!

Sometimes your skin needs a break, go a few days without makeup and embrace your natural beauty!

If you absolutely need to put on makeup the go for a skin tint instead of foundation it is a lot lighter and won’t clog your pores as much!

Did you find this article helpful?

Acne can be very stressful but these tips can help you to reduce your acne and make your skin that much better!

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