Traditional Margarita

Tequila and tacos are 2 of my favorite words in the English language!!! Today’s article I am going to show you how to make my famous margarita (famous being it is a hit with my friends, family, and a bar patrons) let me tell you though it is delicious!

It can be classified as a “skinny” margarita because I do not use store bought sour mix! Absolutely not, it makes my stomach upset and causes heart burn (and there we go admitting my age)!

When it comes to my margarita cheap is not an ingredient! And call me boujee, call me a snob but I refuse to drink cheap tequila and I honestly feel that comes with age because when I was 21 I didn’t care what it was as long as it got me to where I needed to be!

Fresh lime juice is everything!

Fresh is always better and this margarita calls for the freshest ingredients.

If you have a juicer great! If not then you can use the hand squeezer juicer thing that every mom has in their kitchen and if you do not have any of those then go ahead and just use your bare hands!

You will need for one glass will need about 2-3 limes depending on how juicy they are, you can always microwave them for up to 10-15 seconds to get the juices flowing.


You will need half a lemon and I like to add because I feel like it adds a mellow zing to the margarita that lime juice alone couldn’t do.

I like the combination of lemons and limes in my margarita.


I squeeze a little bit of orange in my margarita it cuts the sour and adds a gorgeous color!

You can add grapefruit for a more tart margarita or mandarin orange for a slightly sweeter one.


Agave will balance out citrus juice and make it sweet to heavenly perfection. It is not a margarita without it at that point you are just drinking lime juice and tequila so def do not skip this step!


So out of all the ingredients this is the most important. DUH! Use a quality tequila something you can sip on your own, Casamigos, Altos, Lunazul, and Los Rijos just to name a few are really good quality! Make sure it says 100% Blue agave is the keyword.


Cointreau is a smoother and stronger version of triple sec! Basically a better quality triple sec and let me tell you it is! If you can spend the money and get cointreau you won’t regret it.

Salt or Tajin

It really depends on you I mean I love salt on a classic margarita and will only use tajin if it is a flavored margarita like mango, strawberry, papaya, etc

This is it though this is my classic margarita!

Do you keep your margarita classic, or do you add a flavor? Comment below

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